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Resource-poor women living in Maharashtra's urban and rural areas respectable means of subsistence

       The goal of the AASTHA Foundation is to create a society that is secure, gender-neutral, and inclusive. It attempts to provide access to basic healthcare, education, skill development, and opportunities by focusing on bringing about a transformative shift in society's mentality.

       The AASTHA Foundation offers resource-poor women living in Maharashtra's urban and rural areas respectable means of subsistence.

       We are driven by a society where all women, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are full citizens, can work with dignity, and create prosperity and value for everyone. We are a professional feminism organisation that bridges social and religious boundaries to empower resource-poor women. Training in women's rights, self-defense, sexual and reproductive health, English speaking personality development, first aid, grooming, and learning important roads and routes has benefited more than 1800+ women. They have been empowered and transformed personally thanks to the material and pedagogy.

       By offering ambitious livelihood options that improve women's economic standing, dignity, and ability to make decisions for their families, we hope to level the playing field for disadvantaged women in the workforce.

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What We Do?

The AASTHA Foundation has aided in developing healthcare services and infrastructure in rural areas. We organise health education programmes and camps in rural regions, including health camps for teenage females there, immunisation clinics for kids, and clinics for women to test their haemoglobin levels.


Training constitutes a basic concept in human resource development. It is concerned with developing a particular skill to a desired standard by instruction


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Social Care

Social care services provide support to people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities/ilnesses and mental illnesses.









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